Elizabeth Bronson

The Portrait Process

We begin with a photo session at a location you choose. I will take many photographs capturing the sometimes fleeting expressions of the subjects beauty and character. After these are processed, we will go over the material and choose the look we want. Working at the studio, I will then bring the portrait to a point where your input is required — we are collaborators. Changes can be made at this stage, and when we are in agreement I complete the work. The finished portrait will be presented at the studio. Should you see something I need to tweak, I will be happy to oblige.

Portrait Fees

Single Subject
24 inches by 18 inches    -    $9,000
30 inches by 24 inches    -    $9,500
36 inches by 24 inches    -    $10,000
36 inches by 30 inches    -    $11,500
48 inches by 36 inches    -    $15,000

My fees for portraits and other commissions are based upon the effort to produce the finished work. The fees listed are for single subjects with normal backgrounds. Ornate clothing, multiple subjects, animals and complex backgrounds could affect these fees. Any shipping, insurance, framing or other post production costs are not included.